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Portland Studios and Education Spaces

Multonmah Arts Center
Radius Studios Mostly studio space, with open studios and workshops
100 Monkeys Strong art therapy bent

Cadmium alternates what to get when the cost bites
Color of Art Pigment Database

Nova Color recommended by Thea Schrack - low cost paints

What are the best colors for mixing?
Good colors for demonstrating color theory or making a color wheel are as follows:
#107 Hansa Yellow Light
#144 Azo Yellow Medium
#129 Quinacridone Red,
#147 Quinacridone Magenta
#115 Phthalo Blue
#115-D Phthalo Blue Deep
#122 Ultramarine Blue.

Transparent colors tend to give cleaner, brighter mixes than do opaque colors.

Opaque colors such as cadmiums, cobalt, and most oxides tend to make dull secondary colors when mixed with each other.

Opaque colors are more brilliant when mixed with transparent colors.

Check your label or color chart for “opaque”, “transparent”, or “translucent” identification.