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My Initial Research

RimuHosting - Linux/Xen VPS Hosting | Tomcat JSP Hosting | JBoss J2EE Hosting
Host Virtual - Virtual Server Provisioning Features
Download Technologies - High Volume File Hosting Services
Linode - Xen VPS Hosting
FF Start
Services Offered By RainDrop Laboratories
Nearly Free Speech pay only for what you use hosting

 Note: I'm using Gandi VMs

Gandi Migration

[Initial page of these notes lost]

In July 2016 Gandi announced they will close their Baltimore data center on December 1. Since most of my domains are in the .us namespace I'm migrating to RamNode.

Hosting Your Own

Virtual Box? Qemu?

Adam Shand asked and was told

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Marc Cramer I've used vervehosting for about 7 years now. Never had a problem and when I was hacked a couple of years ago they had me restored from a backup in about 4 hours.

John Enlow Quickweb and Rimu Hosting are both great, and NZ companies. Are you after web hosting or a Linux VPS?

Peter Moran I rate OpenHost. They bought out my last provider HostingDirect and I'm eternally grateful they did.

John Enlow You can also check out http://www.lowendbox.com/ and http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ . Great deals from time to time if you fish out the decent providers from the mass of useless ones.

LowEndBox www.lowendbox.com Cheap VPS hosting providers listing & reviews. Discussions on how to host websites on bare minimum VPS.