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Sane VIM advice
Concise list of tips

From Quora posts:
Best of Vim (shaved two yaks to get here)


 From: Kris Jenkins, Editor of 

Learn these:

  • Operation->motion. Delete a paragraph, copy the text inside these double-quotes, change all text between round/square/curly brackets, instantly. You can combine actions and text selections easily, with two or three keystrokes. (And once you know about 3 or 4 variants of these commands, you'll have all of them at your fingertips.)
  • Autocomplete based on the text in any open buffer, regardless of filetype. (eg. Autocomplete CSS class names correctly because the HTML file is open somewhere.)
  • Undo/redo trees. Enter text (a), undo. Enter text (b), undo. Now regret it and get back to (a). I know, we'll call them MicroBranches™.
  • Live diff. If I'm diffing two files, don't send me off to a specialised/crippled diff-viewer. I want to be able to edit properly. The main editor has to support diff.
  • Remote-editing. Vim understands :edit scp://host/somefile.txt. So do I. So neither of us need a remote connection wizard.