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For parked domains: WordPress Random file

do we succeed here? DB error checking.


DataTable2 is installed. Now to use.

  • I grabbed it for table filters, which it may not do.

Semantic Wiki installed and freezes wiki

  • check the logs.

Toolbar Customization ahem
Crickey! When I checked the logs to cut and paste here I saw a bunch of errors.

  • Fix the implementation!

Visual Editor for a table editor


These two were installed to facilitate mobile viewing.
Chameleon based on twitter bootstrap
BootStrap based on guess!


Is built in. makeCollapsilbe

  • would be good for the sections here.

Document Proposed PTP dhcp config change

Add link to doco at top

move dhcp.leases out of /tmp # will persist over restart

if a private net that includes public

   or to stage for eventuality
       ensure local host names don't collide
       change domain to public one
       consider extending priv lease time

issue to resolve:

  • after restart of router local dns breaks.
  • hosts with an existing lease won't be in the routers name cache until they renew lease from restart until lease renew the host won't be reachable by name this fixes that

cleaner dns

the 'ptp' psuedo domain ??? makes me uncomfortable.