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Duolingo !! Excellent site

Parleremo Online language community
Duolingo completion post by student with 10 months on the site. Links to additional resources
Language Transfer Audio courses
Bliu Bliu after a self test you get readings to immerse in
Destinos! episode one. video series with side bar practices. Learn via Telenovela
Platiquemos Units 1 2 free
Foreign Service Institute basis for Platiquemos
Spanish Hackers found through search for FluentU review.


FluentU audio study suggestions and links
Radio Ambulante Latin America does This American Life style journalism
Food - grocery store part of a lesson series

Grammar Vocab Grabs

Augment suffixes make it large or intense or ___

Bunch o links

80 Free books by women writers
Libros Gratis
Portlandia Language School Walter hosts an open house every Thursday
Harvested from Duolingo discussions for supplementary study aids.
Using Kindle to read
Notes in Spanish
RTVE Podcast
Morelia Radio on a page with other Michoacan stations
Radio Mujer ¡mi favrito!
Primera Cadeno
Conversation Exchange
Study Spanish.COM
Language Mastery
Notes in Spanish
Aula International Textbook
Filler Words

Spanish Test

Eight Essential Spanish Blogs

Vaughentown teach English for a week - all conversational.


Kids books
Always Spanish
Linked verbs
Speaking Latino Great slang section
Mezzo Guild some Aussie, his page of resources, his description of fluency is like minded. (Skip the first minute, audio is horrible.)

Project Gutenberg Spanish titles

From reddit:

I have been using Duolingo(Spanish) for 10.5 months now and I think Sprachiprofi is pretty accurate. I finished the course a long time ago and have been doing translations only for the last 8.5 months. Basically I think Duolingo helped the most with my reading and vocabulary but not very much with listening, speaking, writing and only somewhat with grammar (I still don't understand the subjunctive for example). I think the main strength of Duolingo is that it keeps me pretty motivated and it has endless content. Also seeing lots and lots of "real life" text gets me conditioned to the common language patterns and "native way" of expressing things which does help a little bit with listening, speaking, writing etc (although you still need separate practice for each of those). Practicing listening is easy, Here are three good ones for beginners: (1) "Extra en Espanol" (it's on youtube) (2) the BBC web series "La vida loca" (googleable) (3) - podcasts for Spanish learners For speaking two sites I've heard good things about are: (1) (2) For writing lang-8 looks like it is very good: And of course is great for vocabulary. And lastly, I finished the Pimsleur Spanish Comprehensive (120 lessons of 30 minutes each). It is a bit repetitive but also really helpful for honing listening skills and improving pronunciation. It is rather expensive but I would recommend it for any beginner.

Immersion Schools

Scan of google results indicate Peru, Columbia, other northern South American countries are the best for neutral accent and freedom of linguistic tics from other countries. (The caio frequently heard in Buenos Aires, or the Americanisms in Mexico)

Boots n All thread many links in the scroll down
Amigos School in Cuzco proceeds fund English school for locals
PacSafe Top 6 countries

To Conversational B1 in 30 Days

30 Minute video documenting how Connor Grooms learned Spanish in 30 days.

   Resources From the Video

Baselang unlimited tutoring for $99 a month
Fluent in 3 Months Benny's blog, Benny is an Irish polyglot
Mimic Method pronunciation training through sounds - ear training for language
iTalki market for tutors and study partners.
Anki the app - you have it.

and Connor's website

   Video Description

In this language learning documentary, Connor Grooms shows how he learned Spanish to a B1 conversational level in a month. It include his struggles, how he approached things, how much time he spent per day, language learning strategies, two conversations, and more. This language learning documentary is the best explanation of how to learn spanish for beginners.

In the film, Connor consults with experts Benny Lewis (who shares language learning tips and mindsets), Idahosa Ness (who explains how to learn Spanish pronunciation), and Brian Kwong (who explains how to keep motivated with accountability).