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FLOSS Workflow (without Digikam)
Early 2013 comparison of management edit apps
Create your G'mic filter
GIMP - elsamuko Film effects (Lomo, technicolor) etc
Tutorials « GIMP Guru
- "Smart" Sharpening
Gimped! Gimp Turorials
Sharpening explanation including rule of thumb for how much to apply
Fred's ImageMagick Scripts huge resource that shows how to do gobs of stuff including many photo enhancements. Sometimes the names are a bit cryptic.
Imagemagick sharpening Good examples
Restoration of defocused and blurred images.
Haze Removal - Open Source Photography
Install Adobe Photoshop on Ubuntu
Photoshop tutorial /Black and white: part one (further information)
Lee Varis portrait retouching one of the better video tutorials

Nine Degrees Below extensive set of articles


Google Daily Photo Themes


Panoramic Webinar recommended by David Hobby
25 Photoshop CS5 & Illustrator CS5 Tutorials
CS 178 - Digital Photography
22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever | Improve Photography
Google+ Tutorials |
How To Improve Your Photography Literally Overnight – Really « Photofocus
Q&A -Ask Me Anything About Photography
MIT Documentary Assignment list


Know Your Rights: Photographers | American CivilLiberties Union
Photographers Rights Canada – ZAPRAG - Blog
The Lawtographer


Strobist: Lighting 101
Improve Photography | Photography tips on off-camera flash, landscape photography, portrait photography, and tips on marketing a photography business.
Strobist: Universal Translator Ushers in New Age of Cheap, Off-Camera Harmony
Strobist: It's DIY Thursday
Strobist: On Photographing People: Pt. 1


Photographers Gallery UK Recommended blogs

Still Searching (Fotomuseum Winterhur)
1000 Words Magazine
American Suburb X
Wandering Bears Collective
Various Small Fires
Super Massive Black Hole
Influential Street Photographers


Ruth Zelanski especially the migrations portfolio
20 Photography Documentaties on YouTube
Excerpt Magazine
PhotoShelter Blog
The Best Photography Blog Posts of 2011 ‹ PhotoShelter Blog
Looking for Something Special on the Streets of Lyon: Baptiste Hauville — Eric Kim Street Photography
Start Here — Eric Kim Street Photography
Daido Moriyama official website|DaidoMoriyamaPhotoFoundation
everyday_i_show: photos by Nan Goldin
Mark Toal Photography
Newspace Center for Photography
Diana / Diana About / Diana+ Galleries
Joe McNally Photography
The Exacting Eye of Walker Evans
Henri Cartier-Bresson | Adam Marelli Photo
Photographic Clichés | Martin Parr
Visits Every Dot on the Map of North Dakota and Snaps 9,000+ Photos
Flak Photo Network
Flickr: HCSP (Hardcore StreetPhotography)
Home - PhotoWalkthrough
Pixiq | Voice Your Vision

From Traveling Light Class

Jessica Auer
Hector Mediavilla esp The Society of Elegant Dressers
Monica Denevan serene, tranquil, images of Burmese fishermen
Stella Johnson compositionally tight, layered images
Phil Borges storytelling for cultural change


For lack of a better term
John Free Advice emotional and physical
A Lesser Photographer Newsletter for 04/03/2013
10 Things Every Photographer or Creative Person Must Learn | Chase Jarvis Blog
13 Item Hit List That Will Make A Successful Artist | Chase Jarvis Blog
5 Things Every Creative Person Should Get (and Give) Starting NOW | Chase Jarvis Blog
What is Art? « Barnstone Studios
My Argument For Creating & Hosting Your Own Photo Slideshows « Photofocus
10 Ways Photography Can Change Your Life
Winning at Yoga winning at Art

Phone Based

Phone photo apps recommended via PetaPixel

Presentation on Web

10 WP Themes for photos from Digisnap Design all of which are $45 for a single use license host of Mark Crummett's web site.

Self Publishing Books

Blurb High quality, many options for finish, will use your PDF

  • Trade books - like paperbacks - are available for as little as $4 each small page count and 5x8 size.
    • Sizes 5x8, 6x9, 8x10, all portrait
  • Magazines - 8.5 x 11
  • Photobooks - higher quality paper, square 7x7, 12x12 and landscape formats available.
  • Pricing table

Artisan State lay flat bindings, stiff pages
Picaboo Seems to require their online tool for creation
Photobox seems not to be in the USA
Zno FB ad 24 pages for $10, 5x7
Costco Must use their online tool.

  • $6.95 for first book + $.99 per additional, overnight and two day available
  • 11x8.5 $19.99 for first 30 pages, 78 center per additional 2 page
  • 12x12 $34.99 for first 30 pages $1.38 per additional pair

Font discussion names names for quality fonts to use.

For searching purposes: self publish book

Printer Reviews

Updated 2016-07-09 with

Side note Use Two Publishers recommendations from a successful author after he was dropped by major publishing house.

Books and Lessons

Rename this...

25 Free ebooks to Improve Your Photography -
23 Free ebooks via lightstalking
Photography Laws « AmbientLight
Street Photo Books to Have
Top 25 Best Selling photography books


OM-D E-M1 for video
converting Olympus BCL body cap lens to a macro lens
Zack Arias equip review the IR trigger and umbrella are esp interesting
Trimoon's Blog » Blog Archive » DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere
Epson Inkjet Printer Driver for Linux Manual
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 vs Canon PowerShot S95 Camera Size Comparison
Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
Tutorial for Argyll and dispcalGUI
Canon PIXMA MG8120/MG8150 -
Upgrading Your MicroFour Thirds Camera System at The Phoblographer
120 PinholeProject Allows You to Build Your Medium Format Camera
Yashica Electro 35 & Rangefinder camera user Homepage
Pro Photo Supply
Steve Huff Photos - Real World Digital Camera And Lens Reviews
How to tweak your Olympus OM-D E-M5 to shoot sports by JimHuffman | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 Review | PhotographyBLOG
How to Make a SturdyCamera Strap for $7 Using Parachute Cord
Make a Cheap ShutterRelease for a CHDK Canon Camera with a 5V Battery
Micro Four Thirds User Forum
- Lomography
Cool Tools: Photography
Four Thirds
Four Thirds | Four Thirds | Micro Four Thirds |Chart(Lenses)
Four Thirds | Micro Four Thirds | Products(Lenses)
Hack a Garage Remote Into a Wireless Shutter Release Button - How-To Geek
suggested settings for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Micro Four Thirds camera [Gary Ayton'sphotography wiki]
Close-up Lens Filters
Focus Testing -
Tripods and Ball Heads by ThomHogan
Digital Camera, DSLR and Lens Reviews | Cameralabs
Photo - Film Photography, Darkroom Supplies & Resources
DIY Ring Flash » DIY Lighting Kits
Control Your Camera From 150ft Using A Garage Door Opener |
DIY: Small Circular Softboxes |
User Guide: Getting the most out of the Olympus E-M5:Digital Photography Review
sekonic 558 | eBay
43 Rumors | Home
43 Rumors | Blog | Patent: New18-175mm m43 lens from Panasonic (+ rumored lens summary)
Triggertrap to Panasonic RSL1 cable « TriggerTrap
STO-FEN Products
DIY $30 Ego Light/Tabletop SoftBox
Hand strap from lanyard
Using Any Lens on a Micro 4/3rd’ Camera « Lenses « Saving the World One Pixel at a Time
Fstoppers Recommended Gear: Accessories | Fstoppers
Digital Interchangeable Lenses | PRODUCTS | LUMIX | Digital Camera | Panasonic Global
35mm Diana Film advance fix
pekkapotka - Journal - Copying slides with OM-D and 60mm Macro


Continuous ink system for R3000
Rasterbator - embiggin images
[ Creating lens distorsion models with Hugin's lens calibrator | Libre Graphics World]
Epson Canon Hahnemuhle Printer Drivers Paper ICC Profiles ATLEX.COM
Epson America, Inc. - Paper & Media Search Results
[ Remanufactured Replacement for Epson T157720 (157) Pigment LightBlack Ink Cartridge for the Stylus Photo R3000]
Printers by Manufacturer | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
North Coast Photographic Services
But Ilford will do Silver Gelatin B&W too Yeah Baby!


Getting good b&w from color labs
Improve Photography best online print labs
Oregon digital photo lab profiles
MOO | Custom Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more... | USA
Turn Your Instagram Photographs Into a Beautiful Tear-Off Calendar
Costco Photo Center - Photos - Albums

Costco Print Options
Size   Aspect Ratio   Price
4x6   2:3 / 1.5   0.13
5x7   5:7 / 1.4   0.39
8x10   4:5 / 1.25   1.49
8x12   2:3 / 1.5   1.49
11x14   11:14 / 1.27   2.99
12x18   2:3 / 1.5   2.99
8x8   1:1 / 1   1.49
12x12   1:1 / 1   2.99
16x20   4:5 / 1.25   5.99
20x30   2:3 / 1.5   8.99

Short Run Posters 24x36 for $15, foamcore available for +30
Uprinting has custom size options, up to 120x59 example 60x40 for $55.

Web News, Reviews

The Phoblographer
Great Photography Quotes - Best Photographers Quotations
TWiT Photo | TWiT.TV
Professional Photographers | Reasons Why Photographers Cannot Work for Free
LensWork Daily: Podcast

Inspirations & Influences

These are the ones I'd forget without writing down.

Lewis Baltz - industrial parks

Still to Sort

Use flour to create any texture in your photo.

Most Influential Street Photograhers voted on by
Art of thePhotogravure
50 must-read photography books | Pixiq
Affordable IT 8.7 (ISO 12641) Scanner Color Calibration Targets
TheCameraStoreTV's Channel - YouTube
ISO12233 test chart and information
About Lens Testing from a Borrow Lenses guy

Scan My Photos flat rate for a priority mail box full of images
Editing Your Work