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KGS Go Server
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Online Servers

In May 2015 I checked out Pandanet and played a few games. Need to compare the other online servers for how the community works.

Dragon Server

Dragon Server
mikepnw DGS_n0.. for testing


mikepnw vfs6ec
Uses cgoban3 as client - so not as pretty as the others. Reported to have a kibitz culture.

OGS - Online Go Server

Online Go Server
Web interface like Dragon. Registered as mikepnw, n0... for testing
Nice puzzle engine. Won't allow you to see answer without getting it. One's that I haven't gotten:

  • Fran's Easy #25
  • Fran's Easy #37
  • Fran's Easy #45
  • Fran's Easy #50
  • Fran's Easy #75


It's hosted by a game hosting company. Seems like just play, play with out other tools. Use local Panda client