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102 Classic, influential SF books available on Kindle
Books for General Knowledge of the World
The first two I decided to read off this list I got from the library. Starship Troopers and Beggars in Spain.

5 Books to Change Liberal Minds
5 Books to Change Conservative Minds

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Reading The World
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12 Difficult, necessary reads
Munseys over 1600 pulp novels

James Aulter on how to self publish

Eight books every intelligent person should read. From Neil deGrasse Tyson.
The article has ebook links.
The Bible - to learn that it’s easier to be told by others what to think and believe than it is to think for yourself.
The System of the World by Isaac Newton – to learn that the universe is a knowable place.
On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin - to learn of our kinship with all other life on Earth.
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift – to learn, among other satirical lessons, that most of the time humans are Yahoos.
The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine – to learn how the power of rational thought is the primary source of freedom in the world.
The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith - to learn that capitalism is an economy of greed, a force of nature unto itself.
The Art of War by Sun Tsu - to learn that the act of killing fellow humans can be raised to an art.
The Prince by Machiavelli - to learn that people not in power will do all they can to acquire it, and people in power will do all they can to keep it.